DoCoMo SC-03E Samsung Galaxy S III alpha Reset Counter Custom Binary Download


DoCoMo SC-03EPubblico anche qui la guida che ho scritto su forum per resettare il contatore dopo aver flashato ROM non ufficiali sul Samsung Galaxy S III in versione giapponese ovvero il DoCoMo SC-02E Alpha, un validissimo dispositivo… ma per il quale l’operatore telefonico giapponese DoCoMo ha deciso di complicare la vita agli utenti stranieri (per motivi che spiegherò in articoli successivi).

La guida è in inglese, ma per chi ha praticità di queste operazioni, non vi dovrebbero essere problemi.

DoCoMo SC-03E

Since I did try some “declamed” official European ROM on SC-03E (no one still can be fully flashed by Odin), my counter on the “Dowload mode” screen was increased. So I was hoping to use Triangle Away… but the available Sock Prerooted ROMs online actually don’t make the SC-03E rooted [the combo of the tree buttons (even with USB Debugging enabled) just makes a device "fast restart" (without the usual menu), while performing the combo on switching the device on, nothing happens] and all the links from aki0306 are no more on line.

Note that following this guide you will loose all your data.
Make a backup!

I have tried many ways. At the end, the ONLY working has been this:
Flash SC03E-JB-KBC-CWM-V6.0.3.0_r0-recovery-odin.tar.md5 from PC by Odin tool [PDA field]


Wipe cache partition from CWM “Bootloader Mode” on the SC-03E
Wipe data/factory reset from CWM “Bootloader Mode” on the SC-03E
Wipe dalvik cache from CWM “Bootloader Mode” on the SC-03E
Flash from micro SD, by CWM on the SC-03E
Install, launch and apply Triangle Away on the SC-03E
Let the phone reboots, BUT DON’T LET the OS be loaded! PUT IT SOON IN DOWNLOAD MODE (volume down + home + power) BEFORE OR AS SOON AS THE DOCOMO LOGO APPEARS
Flash Stock Official ROM by Odin tool from PC
[IMPORTANT] Cache Wipe from official “Bootloader Mode” on the SC-03E
[IMPORTANT] Factory Reset from official “Bootloader Mode” on the SC-03E

At the end you will get
Reset Custom Binary Download: No
Curren Binary: Samsung Official
System Status: Official

SC-03E Counter

Kies recognize the device as usual.

CWM (SC03E-JB-KBC-CWM-V6.0.3.0_r0-recovery.7z) by mr_villagomez

CyanogenMod releases for SC-03E

CyanogenMod CM10.1 JP Remix ( by mr_villagomez

TriangleAway v2.90 (TriangleAway-v2.90.apk) by Chainfire

Official Stock ROMs for DoCoMo SC-03E Galaxy S III Alpha

( by davidcsv


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